Monday, March 31, 2008

Sure, It Looks Cute...

ApriPoco controls your remote controls. Or so Toshiba says. According to PC World, this little robot recognizes voice commands to in turn control all the devices in your room that run by remote control.

Sounds like a great idea.

According to the article, The robot is called "ApriPoco" -- a name that mixes up the previous robot's ApriAlpha moniker with the Italian "poco a poco" for "little by little," which is the pace at which it learns commands from users, said Daisuke Yamamoto, a research scientist at Toshiba's humancentric laboratory.

The word "humancentric" creeps me out. Does Cyberdyne already control Toshiba? Have they got a lab devoted to coming up with cute humancentric devices that we'll let into our homes which will then turn on us when they get the call from Skynet?

What will ApriPoco do when it sees Sarah Connor? Will its little chest open up...?

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